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Celebrating 90 years of service

Who We Are

The Sisters of Social Service (SSS) is an international community founded in 1923 in Hungary. It developed into three branches which are united by a Federation. The Federation of the Sisters of Social Service embraces three continents and nine countries. Our branch, the Budapest centered Sisters of Social Service, consists of five districts: Cuba, Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia and the United States. In the US, we currently minister in the diocese of Buffalo (NY) and the archdioceses of Miami (FL) and Washington, (DC).

We are a Roman Catholic Society of Apostolic Life.

Our call is to live a life that is

  •  rooted in the Holy Spirit;
  •  grounded in the Benedictine tradition;
  •  informed by social consciousness, and
  •  contemporary in its life style.

As consecrated and professionally trained women, we serve the church and secular society. Through a variety of ministries, we work for evangelization and the welfare of women, children and families. Under the guidance of the Spirit of Truth, we seek to hasten the reign of God by identifying the needs of society and responding to them in the most suitable ways.

Sisters of Social Service - Buffalo, NY