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Ways of Belonging


Our Benedictine heritage leads us to value community and to challenge each other to live the Gospel. Living a life of love in the Spirit unites us as a spiritual family.

As we gather in faith and joy at the table of the Lord, we witness to the centrality of the Eucharist in our lives. Our worship nourishes and fashions us into a family of God, a community of disciples, united by our common call, vision and mission. Deeply aware of the violence in our world, we reflect on our constant invitation to become peacemakers from within. Trusting the Spirit dwelling within us, we strive to live community where reconciliation, justice, and compassion abide.

The Sisters of Social Service Family includes vowed members and associates:

1. Vowed Membership

Members of the Society undertake to live private vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, and fidelity to our charism. Our Holy Spirit medal and the ring are the identifying symbols of a Sister of Social Service.

We welcome into our community Catholic women who share our call to live a radical evangelical life rooted in the Spirit. We are open to the gifts of different cultures in order to become a more inclusive community. A process of formation precedes the acceptance of a candidate into the vowed life.

For more information, please contact Sister Teresina Joo at:

296 Summit Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14214-1936
Tel: (716) 834-0197

2. Associates

Our Associate Program provides an opportunity for others to share in our spirituality and mission.

Associates participate in our mission in accord with their state of life, and form a bond of spiritual support with vowed members, as well as with each other. Participation may be active involvement in some services, and it may also consist of support through prayer.

We welcome to our Associate Program any Catholic woman or man, married or single, who is committed to live a responsible Christian life and desires to build the reign of God in communion with us. It is open to clergy as well.

Acceptance into the program is followed by a period of formation. Associates commit themselves to the Sisters of Social Service with a Promise of Fidelity. This commitment is renewed annually.

For further information, please write or call:


Associate Program Team
296 Summit Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14214-1936
(716) 834-0197