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A Journey of Light in the Darkness
by Sister Judith Fenyvesi

This is the story of Sister Judith Fenyvesi, Sister of Social Service, who, shaped and led by the Spirit, triumphed over the historical forces of the Holocaust and Communism to witness the faithfulness of God's love.

In Part I, the reader will accompany Judith from her loving Jewish family in Romania to her conversion to Catholicism and her challenge to become a Catholic nun. In doing so, Judith survives her family's tragic fate, yet faces a ten-year imprisonment by the Communists for being a Catholic religious. The desolation of Judith's prison years is followed by an unanticipated opportunity for her to seek political asylum in America.

Sister Judith Fenyvesi
Book Cover - A Journey of Light in the Darkness by Sister Judith Fenyvesi
Cover design by Jon Valerio
$5.00 U.S.A.
ISBN: 0-926566-04-0

Part II follows Judith in her new-found freedom. She emerges as an inspirational leader who brings hope to the Sisters of Social Service in the United States and to the Sisters forced to live underground during forty years of Communist suppression.

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What reviewers are saying about A Journey of Light in the Darkness

“This is an unforgettably inspiring story of a gifted woman touched by
God. The spirit of this extraordinary woman bridges the realities of Jews
and Christians… and conservative Catholics defending the inheritance and
Vatican II Catholics open to God’s call for the new. Sister Judith transcends
each category. Hope and love light the way through the darkness of her
life-giving journey.”

Gregory Baum, Ph.D.
Author of The Twentieth Century:
A Theological Overview and editor
of The Ecumenist since 1963

“In India, the nature of saintliness is conveyed through a lovely, ancient
metaphor: When a sandalwood tree is cut down, each blow of the axe fills
the forest with fragrance. Just so, when a man or woman of God encounters
sorrow or loss, each blow seems to release in them deeper reserves of love
and compassion. That comparison seems to describe very aptly the life of
Sister Judith in this exceedingly humble, yet luminous oral history.”

Carol Lee Flinders, Ph.D.,
Author of Enduring Grace and
At the Root of This Longing

“It is stories that hold the world together and stories that break your heart
wide open. Stories give hope and make you amazed that one person could
have so much courage, so much forgiveness and so much love. This is such
a story! Read it and be blessed.”

Sister Macrina Wiederkehr,
Author of Gold in Your Memories
and Seasons of Your Heart

“The Bible is really a series of short biographies, because human lives
and stories touch and change us much more than mere concepts or theories.
Sister Judith Fenyvesi’s contemporary and challenging oral history will
both touch and change you forever. It says, in effect, that true faith is
‘ever ancient and ever new.’ Sister Judith’s life is faith become flesh.”

Father Richard Rohr, O.F.M.,
Author of Everything Belongs
and Hope Against Darkness