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Foundation Day - May 12, 1923

Founding Sisters: Margaret Slachta, Elizabeth Bokor, Clara Brosz, Frederica Horvath, Klotilde Meleg and Zsuzsanna Ronai, in Budapest, Hungary.

Founding a community – including ours - is rooted in the Holy Spirit’s gift of a charism that empowers for mission to respond to unmet needs of God’s people. Founding is not bound to a specific date alone. It is an ongoing process. Each of us called is a recipient of the gift of charism and makes us responsible to engage in the Society’s mission. Each of us in turn is a gift of the Holy Spirit in behalf of our charism, to make it fruitful by service. We celebrate both the specific date and the ongoing process of founding, through the variety of gifts bestowed and the services called forth by the Holy Spirit.

We celebrate and give thanks to God’s Holy Spirit for:

  • The Spirit’s self gift to be the fire of our lives;
  • Enriching the Church with a new charism;
  • Our Founding Sisters who accepted the mission for social transformation;
  • The many Sisters who gave their lives in service to our mission through 90 years;
  • Each other in this country - those living and deceased- who remained faithful to our vocation during the hard times of suppression and exile.
  • All persons who inspired and supported, or accepted our services.
  • The official Eucharistic celebration of the 90th anniversary will take place on Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 2:30 PM at Blessed Sacrament Church, 1029 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York.

    Celebrating 90 years of service