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Our Society – called to be actively apostolic – affirms the life of prayer as indispensable.
(Sr. Margaret Slachta)

Our communion with the Holy Spirit is a most treasured component of our life. It is only through the Spirit that our ministry can be effective. We strive to live a radical evangelical life, nourished by a contemplative spirit.

Usually, our chapels are dedicated to the Holy Spirit; our principal feast is Pentecost. We include special prayers to the Holy Spirit in our daily worship.

Our Benedictine tradition challenges us to
an ongoing conversion of heart;
a spirit of prayer and love;
a positive view of all creation;
a regard for hospitality; and
a love for peace.

We participate in the liturgical prayer of the Church. There is also room for individual expression in our prayers.

We strive to bring into harmony within our everyday activities our prayer, our service, and our community life.